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"Shouting Room" and hopeful horizons.

Well, I have clearly stated on the website what I planned this LJ community for. To help people get out their emotions without bursting in the middle of the game. I had to lay down some pretty heavy rules to get it to work right though. Though I feel better that I set it asside. I will probley be writing more in my own personal LJ though, if I think the things I complain about are a bit too conterversal to put in here. That should keep things a bit calmer about a subject I dont want to bring up again.

All of this makes me wonder if there are other dramas running along the LS, and if so can they be worked out. Its not really my place to barge into anyone elses personal issues, so I wont. But I cant help be feel a bit attached to this LS now. Those who have helped me start and develop this community... (yes, its larger than just a shell now, its a community, a guild, whatever you might call it, but its bigger than just a shell now...) Have become more than just LS partners, they have become friends.

I'm going to be beaming from ear to ear with pride when febuary first comes along... and I get to take two snapshots. One with the community will all their linkshells on... a sea of green dots all united to get windy together and have fun. I have a feeling this meeting will be much bigger than the last one, and its going to be hard not to be a littler nervos infront of so many people. I've been thinking of writing a speach, but... I'm not one for liking stiff, offical words.

I see a bright future ahead in the LS. And though it will take time, I really think WindurstAlliance will become one of the most known communites through all of FFXI, not just midgardsormr.

I can't help but smile. For once I am doing somthing good.
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