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Windust Alliance community's Journal
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in Windust Alliance community's LiveJournal:

Thursday, January 29th, 2004
8:32 am
Hyrist's Journal (Issue 1, Disturbing Prophacys)
"This all started as a quest for vengance... My parents and my closest friend, a mithra girl named Fyla, died in a joint beastman/undead attack. My father managed to cast Warp 2 on me an instant before they were overcome... My father was going to send Fyla right after me.... she never came.. I have sworn to fight the Beastmen in whatever way possible"

"I've decided to keep a log of my actions... mainly because though I am admired by so many. As a leader, I am alone. A Leader... Fyla would laugh at me now if she saw me. But she isnt here. My only friend has been long gone at the hands of the Undead and the Beastman Hordes. And I will do anything in my power to seek vengance against them, even if that means being this 'Leader'."

"Still... I find it very disturbing what the Sybil said to me when I was taken to Heaven's Tower as a child... after that horrid day."

"A great evil is comming... the power of the Gods wanes with the Tides of Darkness. The Five stars of will dim, weakned from old wounds. Windurst has not the strength to survive the comming war..."

"But a hope still lingers..."

"In the roots of Heaven's Tower a Sixth Star sleeps, born from the hearts of Adventurers..."

"That Star must awaken and shine its light, or Windurst will forever fall to Darkness."

"You, Hyrist, will be at the center of that light. But take care, the light is not yours to keep. You are only a part of it. If you try to grasp it, it will fade from you. You must let it come to you willingly. And only by letting your own light shine, with the Sixth Star waken."

"Can you bear the weight of the Star? The Windurst's future depends on it..."

"I couldent beleive her then... even now as the Alliance forms around me as if fate itself weaved it, I still cannot bring myself to beleive it. But... at the same time I cannot resist it, and cannot ignore the conicidences. I find peace at the bace of Heaven's Tower... and now the Alliance shares in that during our meetings. Another meeting is due here soon, and I am very nervos as to what I should say..."

"Should I tell them my real pourpose? Should I hide it? There is so much expected of me now that I am a leader... I am not sure if I am really able to do so. I may speak of simple vengance, but it seems its now more than that."

"I would enjoy a more simple life... but the only one I cared for is gone now, and this world is so dangerous. Dare I try to find someone else to be close to,like Fyla?"

"So many things... so many confusing things. I am but a small, confused hume who's only pourpose left for life is a prophacy made by the Star Sybil. And my own quest for vengance. How can I lead an entire alliance?"

"I suppose only time will tell"

(OOC: Well that came out more depressing than I intended it to be. Awell, he had a sad past. Hopefully his future will be better eh? Stay tooned for more IC Journal entries!)
Friday, January 23rd, 2004
10:37 am
"Shouting Room" and hopeful horizons.
Well, I have clearly stated on the website what I planned this LJ community for. To help people get out their emotions without bursting in the middle of the game. I had to lay down some pretty heavy rules to get it to work right though. Though I feel better that I set it asside. I will probley be writing more in my own personal LJ though, if I think the things I complain about are a bit too conterversal to put in here. That should keep things a bit calmer about a subject I dont want to bring up again.

All of this makes me wonder if there are other dramas running along the LS, and if so can they be worked out. Its not really my place to barge into anyone elses personal issues, so I wont. But I cant help be feel a bit attached to this LS now. Those who have helped me start and develop this community... (yes, its larger than just a shell now, its a community, a guild, whatever you might call it, but its bigger than just a shell now...) Have become more than just LS partners, they have become friends.

I'm going to be beaming from ear to ear with pride when febuary first comes along... and I get to take two snapshots. One with the community will all their linkshells on... a sea of green dots all united to get windy together and have fun. I have a feeling this meeting will be much bigger than the last one, and its going to be hard not to be a littler nervos infront of so many people. I've been thinking of writing a speach, but... I'm not one for liking stiff, offical words.

I see a bright future ahead in the LS. And though it will take time, I really think WindurstAlliance will become one of the most known communites through all of FFXI, not just midgardsormr.

I can't help but smile. For once I am doing somthing good.

Current Mood: hopeful
Wednesday, January 21st, 2004
8:02 am
Merc belt and Mecr sightings.
As I was running in joy for finally getting my belt, I passed by Mecredi. I was half tempted to try to talk with her and get her back into WA on my own... but its only been what... a week and a half? People dont forgive and forget as easially as I do. I think I will bide my time untill febuary before I start talking to her again. I'll probley start by giving her a wave, and ask if shes seen the website reicently....

I managed to make amends with someone else I started off on the wrong foot with yesterday: Aoikouru (god I know I butchered that name). She and I had a talk, she discussed the exact moment about when she had a problem with me, and I explained my actions from my point of view and apologized. She forgave me and was elated when she listened to how I was playing my RDM. So shes a member of WA now and I am glad for it. She probley wont be equipping it often, but at least she can participate and check the website once in a while.

It feels good to know I CAN make up for my mistakes, and that there are people that can forgive me for being stupid and emotional. Now if only Mecredi and the SAGoons could give me that chance that Aoi did, see me on a normal day... I think they would change their mind as to how I am. Yeah I brag at times, yeah I bitch, moan, complain about stupid little shit... Its my way of coping with the REAL problems in my life, like the fact I havent eaten a deicent, full meal for almsot a full year now that hasnt been handed to me out of charity. Or the fact that I have been feeling really sick and weak, and hating myself constantly for it... There is plenty more where that came from, but it isnt important to anyone else, so I will stop.

So there is good and there is bad thats going on related to FFXI in my heart. I still feel emencely guilty that Mecredi is missing out on all of this. Shes missed, by me and by some of the other members of the LS as well. I want this whole thing to be forgotten, but I dont want to have to forget her, or else every time I see her name glance past my screen, I'm going to have that same pang in my chest as I did this morning.

Anyways, untill I beleive she can tolerate talking to me again, I have to emerse myself in the things I enjoy in this game. I am glad that WA is so supportive.

Sunday, January 18th, 2004
9:33 am
A start.
Hey hey. Cool to have the Windy Alliance communtity up.

I want to keep in mind to everyon that this is still a LiveJournal, which means if you come here. Expect emotional garbage.

Oh, btw, those who dont know. I am Hyrist, the LS leader... but latley I feel as if I really just dont wanna be a leader. I mean its been a week sence I screwed things up with Mecredi, and.... its kinda made me realize that maybe I dont have what it takes ya know? I mean yeah I help people in the game more than I usually help myself, but I do throw temper tantrums. And it was one of those that pushed Mecredi away, someone who I beleive is a very cool person. It really, really makes me feel bad that just because we got into some stupid fight that she belives she cant deal with me at all and she has to miss out on everything WindurstAlliance is setting out to be because of it.

Part of me feels that WindrustAlliance has already failed to do what it was set out to do because of my actions. I will not feel as if WA has done its job of getting windy together untill I Mecredi is back with us, Even if that means I have to leave the ls and run it from the background untill she is ok with me again. Its just not fair to her to miss out on this because she feels uncomftrable with me.

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