Jiroo Branford (jiroo_chan_007) wrote in windyalliance,
Jiroo Branford

Hyrist's Journal (Issue 1, Disturbing Prophacys)

"This all started as a quest for vengance... My parents and my closest friend, a mithra girl named Fyla, died in a joint beastman/undead attack. My father managed to cast Warp 2 on me an instant before they were overcome... My father was going to send Fyla right after me.... she never came.. I have sworn to fight the Beastmen in whatever way possible"

"I've decided to keep a log of my actions... mainly because though I am admired by so many. As a leader, I am alone. A Leader... Fyla would laugh at me now if she saw me. But she isnt here. My only friend has been long gone at the hands of the Undead and the Beastman Hordes. And I will do anything in my power to seek vengance against them, even if that means being this 'Leader'."

"Still... I find it very disturbing what the Sybil said to me when I was taken to Heaven's Tower as a child... after that horrid day."

"A great evil is comming... the power of the Gods wanes with the Tides of Darkness. The Five stars of will dim, weakned from old wounds. Windurst has not the strength to survive the comming war..."

"But a hope still lingers..."

"In the roots of Heaven's Tower a Sixth Star sleeps, born from the hearts of Adventurers..."

"That Star must awaken and shine its light, or Windurst will forever fall to Darkness."

"You, Hyrist, will be at the center of that light. But take care, the light is not yours to keep. You are only a part of it. If you try to grasp it, it will fade from you. You must let it come to you willingly. And only by letting your own light shine, with the Sixth Star waken."

"Can you bear the weight of the Star? The Windurst's future depends on it..."

"I couldent beleive her then... even now as the Alliance forms around me as if fate itself weaved it, I still cannot bring myself to beleive it. But... at the same time I cannot resist it, and cannot ignore the conicidences. I find peace at the bace of Heaven's Tower... and now the Alliance shares in that during our meetings. Another meeting is due here soon, and I am very nervos as to what I should say..."

"Should I tell them my real pourpose? Should I hide it? There is so much expected of me now that I am a leader... I am not sure if I am really able to do so. I may speak of simple vengance, but it seems its now more than that."

"I would enjoy a more simple life... but the only one I cared for is gone now, and this world is so dangerous. Dare I try to find someone else to be close to,like Fyla?"

"So many things... so many confusing things. I am but a small, confused hume who's only pourpose left for life is a prophacy made by the Star Sybil. And my own quest for vengance. How can I lead an entire alliance?"

"I suppose only time will tell"

(OOC: Well that came out more depressing than I intended it to be. Awell, he had a sad past. Hopefully his future will be better eh? Stay tooned for more IC Journal entries!)
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