Jiroo Branford (jiroo_chan_007) wrote in windyalliance,
Jiroo Branford

A start.

Hey hey. Cool to have the Windy Alliance communtity up.

I want to keep in mind to everyon that this is still a LiveJournal, which means if you come here. Expect emotional garbage.

Oh, btw, those who dont know. I am Hyrist, the LS leader... but latley I feel as if I really just dont wanna be a leader. I mean its been a week sence I screwed things up with Mecredi, and.... its kinda made me realize that maybe I dont have what it takes ya know? I mean yeah I help people in the game more than I usually help myself, but I do throw temper tantrums. And it was one of those that pushed Mecredi away, someone who I beleive is a very cool person. It really, really makes me feel bad that just because we got into some stupid fight that she belives she cant deal with me at all and she has to miss out on everything WindurstAlliance is setting out to be because of it.

Part of me feels that WindrustAlliance has already failed to do what it was set out to do because of my actions. I will not feel as if WA has done its job of getting windy together untill I Mecredi is back with us, Even if that means I have to leave the ls and run it from the background untill she is ok with me again. Its just not fair to her to miss out on this because she feels uncomftrable with me.

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